The Georgia Peach – Part 02

The Lieutenant gestured to the watchman who was holding the chain on her rope, and the man’s hand gave it a brutal pull. Catherine tossed her head sideways with a fast, sharp pant of trepidation. Her eyebrows lifted in shock. Frenzy went out of control inside her hostage body. She influenced, fingers flexing with dread, her beating chest pulling at the last flimsy hints of breath from her hurling, stress filled chest.

Catherine’s mouth opened wide, however no strong approached. She was excessively frail with enthusiastic fatigue to stay upstanding, unconscious of everything except the desolations she was troubled with, both mental and physical. She remained after shaking legs attempting frantically to keep up with her equilibrium, yet it was an assignment whose achievement dodged her. Helpless Catherine couldn’t do anything aside from sink to the ground, the rears of the two thighs imploding upon the smooth skin of her lower leg muscles, her exposed rump under the feeble shift, fell upon her bare, mud covered heels.

With touchy considerations still inside her head, however too powerless to even think about moving, Catherine could just remain bowing, all craving for battle lost in gloom and visually impaired accommodation.

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